About the Heart Gallery

The first Heart Gallery opened in New Mexico in 2001. That fall, Gay Larson of Tulsa, Oklahoma, attended a Debbie Fleming Caffrey photography workshop in Santa Fe. Caffrey had taken part in the original Heart Gallery exhibit as a photographer and Gay was inspired by her work. Larson also had adopted children of her own and knew what a difference a family can make in the life of a child. Gay has been involved in photographer for more than 25 years.


Armed with the knowlege she aquired at the workshop and the desire to help children in her own state, Gay helped Oklahoma organize its own Heart Gallery in March of 2002, becoming only the second of its kind in the Nation.


Larson, also an account executive with KTUL-Channel 8, worked to link the Heart Gallery of Oklahoma with the highly successful KTUL Waiting Child Program.


Newschannel 8 has aired its weekly "Waiting Child" program since 1980. More than 4,000 children have been adopted as a result of the program.


Larson then brought Wendy's Wonderful Kids on board and now all three groups help reinforce the success of the programs in finding permanant adoptive homes for these children in need.


The Heart Gallery of Oklahoma is now a 501c3 Non-Profit. Gay Larson is the President and Director and she works closely with Natalie Green who is the Treasurer and Director. Together they continue to nurture the program to growth and success!


The Future
While Heart Gallery exhibits have helped raise awareness about adoption through foster care and have found homes for hundreds of children, there are many more who need our help. More than 2000 Oklahoma children are waiting for adoption as you read this. They need any and all support you can provide. Visit our Support Us page to find out the many ways that you can help.

Sponsors: OKDHS, KTUL, Wendy's
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