The Waiting Child Heart Gallery

The Waiting Child Heart Gallery subjects are anxious for a home. They have touched the hearts of each photographer as they met with the children to photograph them. A written statement from each photographer travels with the portraits and gives a different view through the eyes of the photographer.

Below you will find the stars of this year's exhibt.
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Sean Tyler Abigail Nicholas
Erik Brandon Zackrie Paul
MyAngel Eric David Liam, Patrick, Shannon, Brooklyn, Anthony
Erika Isaiah Jacob, Caleb Jacob, Kaitlyn
Jonathan Alex Jaymond James
Ashlee Marilyn Kristopher
Michael B. Michael C. Marquin, Juaremiha Micah
Colton, Emilee, Corey, Nicholas Darren Michael M. Sara, Christy
Nathan Austin Brianna Rhanda
Robert Anai, Kamero, Nicholas Serenity, Xavier Adrianna Takiya
DeAngelo Brittany, Nathan Rebecca Joseph

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